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Welcome to Leaping Leopard Shaolin Kenpo School

Shaolin Kenpo is a Martial Art developed by Great GrandMaster (GGM) Ralph Castro. (Click on name to go to a video of GGM)


"Leaping Leopard Shaolin Kenpo" consists of forms and dances; these forms and dances are made up of different techniques against a variety of different attacks. By having these techniques in a form or dance, it allows you, the student, to learn the system faster; teaching you how to defend yourself as early as day one. Leaping Leopard Shaolin Kenpo's focus and emphasis offers you, the practitioner, the ability to defend against multiple attackers; it also, helps improve your concentration, physical fitness, self-confidence, self-discipline and personal motivation. Shaolin Kenpo is for everyone; it provides ways to get around personal limitations. You are never too old to learn how to defend yourself. Techniques can be modified to adapt to any situation, regardless of, any personal limitations you may have.


"Leaping Leopard Shaolin Kenpo"
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